Copper Ion Electronic Marine Antifoul systems

Barnaclerid uses copper electrodes coupled with our sophisticated computer controller to create copper ions that are released into the water, to create a protective copper ion field around the hull and running gear (props & rudders), to stop barnacles, hard shell growth attaching and settling on the hull.

This copper ion field is green friendly and does not harm barnacles, put simply, it creates an environment undesirable to barnacles/hard shell growth so they go elsewhere. Barnaclerid is also safe for swimmers, unlike ultrasonic systems. Read comparative list about Ultrasonic Difference in the FAQ page.

BarnacleRid system basic diagram

Copper has been used for over 250 years to protect against barnacles, by copper sheathing the entire hull.(Copper sheathing was the practice of protecting the underwater hull of a ship or boat from the corrosive effects of salt water and biofouling through the use of copper plates affixed to the outside of the hull. It was pioneered and developed by the Royal Navy during the 18th century), Barnaclerid has created a simple to use, sophisticated computer controller to enhance that process making it affordable in today’s environment.

More information can be found on the How It Works page. See demo videos below for different hull types, boat sizes, fixed marina and mobile installations.

Barnaclerid 4 Electrode Monohull Demo Video

Keep your boat’s hull and running gear barnacle free.

Maintain speed, Win more sailing races, save on fuel costs and annual boat lift fees.

Cruisers, Yachts Large/Small, Twin or Single Prop, with Bow or Stern Thrusters all Kits are available.

Barnaclerid Featured in the Nautic Expo Magazine

Barnaclerid featured in the Nautic Expo magazine, Barnaclerid creates a copper ion electronic field around the boat’s hull. Unlike ultrasonic systems, no hull installation is required. Instead, it consists of a wiring harness holding several electrodes that hangs from the boat when moored. Contact: or International +61 410 541 920 or Toll Free AU 1300 048 526, Toll Free US 1-844-905-0100.

Barnaclerid Basic Configurations

Catamaran Sailing & Motor Yachts

Barnaclerid Catamaran Demo Video

Barnaclerid kits are available for Cruisers, Catamarans, Large Mono Hulls, Yachts, Keel Boats, Marinas and even House Boats, You will get all you need for an easy self Installation.

Certified Compliant

Mono Cruiser

Barnaclerid 2 Electrode Monohull Demo Video


Our system comes with full components for simple self installation:

  • Custom wiring loom (made to your boat’s or marina’s specs)
  • Nylon covered poly-core cord with 316 Stainless steel clips attached, to suspend electrodes
  • Waterproof high quality Deutsch plugs to simply plug and play, these have an IP 6K9K rating from DIN 40050 which is commonly known as the ‘pressure washing’ specification
  • Copper electrodes
  • Computer controller
  • User manual
  • Quick Reference guide
  • A container to store your Barnaclerid system whilst cruising
  • Support contacts via mobile or email 24 hours 7 days a week to help with any questions
  • You’ll even get a Barnaclerid floating key ring

Barnaclerid Sail Yacht Demo Video

Marina Systems

Marina Setup

Marina System Configurations

Answers to commonly asked questions

  • Barnaclerid is NOT Ultrasonic.
  • We ship direct to you world wide via DHL/UPS/Inxpress/TNT.
  • Barnacalerid does not cause electrolysis or galvanic corrosion, no stray current. Independently tested, this report is available on request.

Barnaclerid Benefits


The Barnacle Rid anti-foul system is a permanent solution to your ongoing antifoul problems. By using the Barnacle Rid system, you will be getting these great benefits:

  • Savings on:
    • Antifouling
    • Lift fees
    • Fuel savings
  • Improved performances from your boat and engine, due to less drag
  • Electronics are easily configured for warmer or cooler climates with the touch panel controls
  • Compatible with all hull materials Wood, Fiberglass, Core fiberglass, Steel, Alloy and Boat/Yacht and Marina configurations (including catamarans)
  • 5 years warranty on the entire Barnaclerid Kit, computer control unit, and any electrode electrical components failure, not caused by misuse, normal usage wear and tear. Sacrificial electrodes are not included in the warranty. This warranty is valid to the original purchaser for 5 years.

Below is a photo of a client’s 64 foot  boat after over 6 years using Barnaclerid.

The boat pictured below was slipped for maintenance and was found it only needed a light pressure water blast after 18 months. Barnaclerid has saved thousands of dollars to the owner on lift fees and anti foul costs since the Installation of Barnaclerid.

This client’s boat has been using  Barnaclerid for over 6 years now, as have many others over this period.

Barnaclerid used for over 6 years on this boat

Don’t continue to let slipping, taking your boat out of the water and anti fouling cost you thousands of dollars year in year out. An investment in Barnaclerid will protect your boat from barnacles/hard shell growth for many seasons.

With a Barnaclerid purchase you’ll be ahead in less than 12 months. Barnaclerid also saves you money on fuel and engine maintenance. A boats hull that is free of barnacles means it is easier for your boat to maintain normal cruise speed (WOT) speed. Resulting in less stress on your engine while using less fuel.

Barnaclerid only requires one person less than two minutes to lift and stow the electrodes, ready to sail or cruise away. On return simply spend another two minutes returning the electrodes to the water to keep barnacles off your boat. The controller recognises when the electrodes are in and out of the water and automatically reactivates switches back on, saving any input from you.

All this whilst using very little battery power. You also have the option to run from shore mains power. It’s that simple, protected from barnacles/ hard shell growth!

Barnaclerid is protected by one or more USA and/or foreign patents or patents pending.

Certified to use in Europe and World wide.


Barnaclerid Performance (38 Month)

Storing Barnaclerid Electrodes


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Just thought I’d take a moment to thank you for selling a product that actually does what it is supposed to. My 42’ Cruisers Esprit has been in the very warm waters of South Florida since September of last year when I took it out of Dry Dock.. Along with a lot of TLC at the dry dock, it also got a brand new bottom paint in anticipation of using your product. I’ve had your system on it since then till now, a full 6 months. Have a look at the photos for yourself…pretty impressive Sir. Cheers, Holly

Holly M

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Very impressed with barnaclerids protection in these very warm waters in the top end Darwin as are my two neighbours who also use Barnaclerid either side of my catamaran. It is working so well I decided to have a pro photographer take this photo of all three of our boats for you. thanks so much regards Andrew

Andrew, Murray H, Brian A

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This tradewinds 42 straight out of the water no blast after over 19 months since last antifoul, no barnacles on the hull whatsoever, a few on the bottom bow and prop, considering this boat hardly ever moves and is on its wharf for months at a time its a great result.

Janis Kinnie

Barnaclerid Systems

  • AUD: $1,650.00
  • CAD: $1,602
  • GBP: $956.33
  • NZD: $1,758.63
  • EUR: $1,074.67
  • TRY: $6,387.98
  • ZAR: $16,620.45
  • SGD: $1,663.45
  • INR: $85,676.25
  • AUD: $1,800.00
  • CAD: $1,748
  • GBP: $1,043.27
  • NZD: $1,918.50
  • EUR: $1,172.37
  • TRY: $6,968.71
  • ZAR: $18,131.40
  • SGD: $1,814.67
  • INR: $93,465.00
  • AUD: $1,850.00
  • CAD: $1,797
  • GBP: $1,072.25
  • NZD: $1,971.79
  • EUR: $1,204.93
  • TRY: $7,162.28
  • ZAR: $18,635.05
  • SGD: $1,865.08
  • INR: $96,061.25
Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • AUD: $2,200.00
  • CAD: $2,136
  • GBP: $1,275.11
  • NZD: $2,344.84
  • EUR: $1,432.89
  • TRY: $8,517.31
  • ZAR: $22,160.60
  • SGD: $2,217.93
  • INR: $114,235.00
Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • AUD: $2,350.00
  • CAD: $2,282
  • GBP: $1,362.05
  • NZD: $2,504.71
  • EUR: $1,530.59
  • TRY: $9,098.04
  • ZAR: $23,671.55
  • SGD: $2,369.15
  • INR: $122,023.75
  • AUD: $2,400.00
  • CAD: $2,331
  • GBP: $1,391.03
  • NZD: $2,558.00
  • EUR: $1,563.16
  • TRY: $9,291.61
  • ZAR: $24,175.20
  • SGD: $2,419.56
  • INR: $124,620.00
Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • AUD: $2,200.00
  • CAD: $2,136
  • GBP: $1,275.11
  • NZD: $2,344.84
  • EUR: $1,432.89
  • TRY: $8,517.31
  • ZAR: $22,160.60
  • SGD: $2,217.93
  • INR: $114,235.00
Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • AUD: $2,350.00
  • CAD: $2,282
  • GBP: $1,362.05
  • NZD: $2,504.71
  • EUR: $1,530.59
  • TRY: $9,098.04
  • ZAR: $23,671.55
  • SGD: $2,369.15
  • INR: $122,023.75